The Ranch ~ Deming, WA

Well I was away this past weekend and went to Black Mountain Ranch with my friend Rachel, from the blog GingerBabyMomma, and her kids (if you haven’t seen her blog check it out, there is some great stuff on there.) There was so much to do while we were there, and since I have these awesome petti-skirts we thought what better than a little photo session with our girls.  Throw in some cowgirl boots and voila, super cute session!

Each of the girls took turns and none of them wanted to take the skirts off!

I loved all the photos so much it was hard to pick just a few.  Below you can see the serious photos of Miss. A…true cowgirl style, serious just like the real cowboys…lol.

Thanks again to Rachel for inviting me and my girls down for a visit….now I just have to convince the hubby that we should get a place too…hehe.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!

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